Environmental Policy


Companies are essential contributors to attaining the sustainable development of a country. As a result of this belief, Watt's incorporates the principles of sustainability into all aspects of its manufacturing process, employing “clean” production practices and preventive management.

Environmental Policy

The manufacturing process of Watt's S.A. is framed by the principles of sustainable development. Consequently, we understand that economic growth must be achieved based on the efficient and responsible use of natural resources and energy, in order to ensure the protection of the environment, and guarantee the viability of our business in the long-term.

Watt's adopts preventive environmental management procedures, offsetting the negative impacts of our activities on the environment, reducing pollution and lowering risks by waste management.

Watt's understand that these objectives can only be achieved with the constant participation of every member of the company, therefore we integrate a continuous process of participatory and multidisciplinary improvement into our production processes.

Watt's is fundamentally committed to developing all our production activities in compliance with at least the minimum level established by current environmental regulations.

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