Risk Prevention Policy

prevención de reisgos

"One of the pillars of the administration of Watts is the commitment to those who are the foundation of the company: our workers. Therefore, Watt's promotes the integral development of the individuals who make up the company, focusing on safety, security and professional growth; promoting good industrial relations and quality of life"

Our obligation is to prevent accidents and occupational illnesses, by providing a safe working environment for each of our employees that complies with current legislation and the company’s internal Risk Prevention regulations.

In order for the preventive management to be effective and achieve "zero" accidents and occupational illnesses, those working at Watt's should incorporate safety concerns into every task they perform, with the conviction that all accidents and occupational illnesses are preventable.

At Watt's, Risk Prevention is achieved by:

  • People:

    Committed to their own self-care as well as the safety of the group, our people: identify, report and correct actions and unsafe conditions, and incorporate safety into every task performed with the conviction that nothing justifies exposure to uncontrolled risks that can affect people, equipment and / or facilities.

  • Protocols:

    Which clearly state required conditions and safe working procedures and promote the detection of unsafe actions that could result in risks for a collaborator.

  • Constant Training:

    Which provides the necessary knowledge for workers regarding risks and precautions to be taken into account when performing any task.