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Santa Carolina Wines & Vineyards / Chile

With a history and legacy that goes back more than a century, Santa Carolina is one of the most prestigious and traditional vineyards of Chile.

This subsidiary of Watt's has wines from renowned brands like Santa Carolina, Casablanca, Planella and Ochagavía, which are mainly sold abroad.


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Promarca / Chile

In late 2006, Watt's S.A. and CCU signed a joint venture for the development, production and marketing of fruit nectars, juice, fruit drinks, milk drinks and others.

To achieve this goal, Watt’s and CCU created a new company called Promarca, which is jointly owned in equal share by each company.

The purpose of this joint venture is to develop and increase the value of the brands Yogu Yogu and Shake Shake.


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Laive / Perú

Laive is one of the leading food companies in Peru; a significant contender in the liquid milk, yoghurt, juice, cheese, butter, margarine and sausage markets.

Laive has been present in the Peruvian market since 1910, with brands including Laive, Swiss, La Favorite and Watt's.

Watt's S.A has a shareholding of 37.49% and the company is managed through a shareholders' agreement with a local partner.