Our Business


Watt's S.A. is one of the leading food companies in Chile, with a wide range of products that are sold in both domestic and international markets. Our long history has its origins in the 1930s, when Mrs. Nelly Styles Watt began to develop her first homemade jams at her factory "Watt´s homemade jams and jellies".

At present, we have strongly positioned brands in the domestic market such as Watt's, Loncoleche S.A., Calo, Chef, Belmont, Sureña, Wasil and Yogu Yogu, among others.

Watt's products are recognized for their quality, taste and diversity; something that’s well known by the families who rely on our products daily. This has led our company to top most of the categories in which we participate. Watt´s is No. 1 in the jam, juice, edible oil and margarine markets. We are also a significant contender in the dairy market segments cheese, butter and milk, and leaders in innovative segments such as lactose-free. Finally, the emergence of new consumption patterns has led Watts to successfully develop categories such as Fresh Pasta and Ready to Eat Dishes on Tetra Recart, where not only are we the undisputed category leader, but we are also seen as a benchmark for the category.

Our products are made in production facilities with advanced technology, located in Santiago, Buin, Linares and Osorno, with highly trained personnel and meticulous quality assurance systems guaranteeing results that meet national and international standards.

Our products are present at the table of consumers all over Chile thanks to an extensive network of logistics and distribution centers throughout the country, ensuring an efficient and timely distribution.

At the same time, the company is one of the main participants in the industrial sector, with a renowned track record in developing customized products and providing comprehensive advice and training to deliver solutions to customers in this market.

Watt's S.A. products are also consumed abroad thanks to our subsidiary located in Peru, and our exports to more than 30 countries, mainly in the American continent. Furthermore, Watt's was officially launched on the Asian markets with the opening of a trade office in Shanghai and export of products through local distributors in China. Consequently, the internationalization of the company has become more and more relevant.


Watt's in numbers

  • Annual sales of over US $ 600 million
  • More than 2,300 workers
  • Five production plants in Santiago, Linares and Osorno.
  • 8 sales offices throughout Chile
  • 5 distribution centers
  • 1 subsidiary in Peru
  • 1 sales office in China
  • Exports to over 30 countries

Business Area

  • Fruit

  • Oilseed

  • Dairy Products

  • Fresh Pasta

  • Frozen food

  • Wines